Alexander Mcleish

Alexander Mcleish commented on Apr 23, 2014

In Tavern With Mick And The Boys For Football @Namma

Notary Mama

Notary Mama commented on Apr 23, 2014

How To Get Khata Transfer Done In Namma Bengaluru: You Just Need To Visit BBMP Office And Meet Revenue Officer. 1) Khata Application 2) Title Deed – Attested Or Notarised. 3) Copies Of The Previous Tax Paid Receipts (Min 3 Years) 4) Title Documents (I.E. Previous Title Deed) With Flow Chart...

Akhil Kuttu

Akhil Kuttu commented on Apr 23, 2014

Namma Chullan Paiiyanmar Arrinju Viyunathu Kanda :-* <3 Csk <3 #Jadeja Daivam -/\-

Usha Oriqinal Tamilachi

Usha Oriqinal Tamilachi commented on Apr 23, 2014

# 2 Husbands R Searchinq Pow Their Mizsinq Wife Due Tow Crowd # Husband 1 : Hw Ur Wife Luk Lk ?? Husband 2 : Slim’Ah, Sivappa, Nalla Structure’Ah, Gummu’Nu Iruppa !! Hw Wil Ur Wife B ?? Husband 1 : Avale Yethukke Thedikkithu ?? Vaanqeh, Namma Unqqeh Wife'eh Thedhelam !!

Chennai Makkal Confessions

Chennai Makkal Confessions commented on Apr 23, 2014

#100 "Namma Admin Yedaum Thaangum Idayam Udaiyavaru....Confessions Varalana Kooda Avar Eh Oru Confession Ah Type Panni Poduvaaru....Avar Oda Thiramaiya Nan Paaraaturan....But He Is Vry Much Concerned Abt D Grade Of The Page...Any Foul Confessions He Jus Ignores It N Post Nly Gud Ones....This...

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